Malevil Cup (Foto: Milos Lubas)

22nd International Malevil Cup

11.09.2021 | Hermanice v Podjetěd | CZE |

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The Malevil Cup in Hermanice v Podještědí is one of the most traditional marathons in the Czech Repuplic and will be hosted for the 22nd time. Both very attractive courses of 65 km respectively 100 km lead through the Lausitzer- and Zittauer Mountain Ranges crossing the German border towards the famous Spa Oybin.

Also the numbers of celebrities are impressive: current Olympics winner of London and Marathon World Champion of Pietermaritzburg, Jaroslav Kulhavý was able to win the Hermanice v Podještědí 2014. The race is part of the UCI MTB Marathon Serie 2021 and therefore especially for ambitious bikers interesting. For Rookies there are two easier tracks of 25 Km and 45 km available.
The start and finish takes place at the Ranch Malevil. A total of 1.500 marathon participants as well as 200 kids and youngster for the Junior Trophy are to be expected.


   Distance (hm)    Cuppoints Starting time Entry Fee
  25 km (480 hm)   7.000 Points   10:30 am  EUR 17,-*
  45 km (960 hm)   8.000 Points   10:00 am  EUR 25,-**
  65 km (1.540 hm)   9.000 Points   10:00 am  EUR 33,-***
  100 km (2.230 hm) 10.000 Points   08:30 am  EUR 33,-*** 

* As of February 16, 2021 + 2,- Euro; as of  September 10, 2021 + 6,- Euro
** As of February 16, 2021 + 4,- Euro; as of  September 10, 2021 + 8,- Euro
*** As of February 16, 2021 + 5,- Euro; as of  September 10, 2021 + 8,- Euro


Registration & Collecting the Race Numbers

Online registration is possible until September, 05, 2021 until 20:00 hrs. Late entries possible onsite at the starting number distribution.

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collect your race number at the Resort Malevil on

  • September 10, 2021 from 16:00 until 20:00 hrs for courses A, B, C, D
  • September 11, 2021 from 06:30 until 07:30 hrs for course A; from 06:30 until 08:30 hrs for courses C, D; and from 06:30 until 09:30 hrs for course B


Winners Ceremony & Prizes

All winners‘ ceremonies take place at the Resort Malevil:

  • Elite M/F course A at 15:30 hrs
  • All categories course C and D at 16:00 hrs
  • All categories A and B at 17:30 hrs

check out the following prizes:

  • For the winners of category Elite M/F of course A  there is prize money
  • Non-cash prizes for the three top placed of the hobby categories
  • All winners of the hobby-categories receive a free start at the Malevil Cup 2022
  • Award of the title “King of the Lausitzer Mountains“ 2021
  • Award of the title “Queen of the Lausitzer Mountains“ 2021
  • Among all participants great non-cash prizes are raffled. Main prizes are a mountain bike and a travel voucher
  • Additional award ceremony for the first time starters respectively newbies



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CZ-47125 Jablonné v Podještědí

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